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Join the Webinar: Why Incentivize Healthy Behavior at Work

PRESENTERS: Kevin Volpp, University of Pennsylvani; Robert Galvin, Equity Health

Webinar 9 – Why Incentivize Healthy Behavior at Work by Kevin Volpp and Robert Galvin Learning objectives – On completion of this webinar the participant should be able to Critique the use of standard marketing theories to encourage behavior change Evaluate the efficacy of interventions in changing behaviour Describe the challenges involved in implementing initiatives designed […]

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Watch the Webinar: Food @ Work

PRESENTERS: David Eisenberg, Harvard; Mark Erickson, Culinary Institute of America

Watch an archived presentation of –the Food @ Work webinar, by David Eisenberg and Mark Erickson Learning objectives – On completion of this webinar the participant should be able to Evaluate the costs of poor diet to employers Outline the latest evidence base and recommendations on healthy eating in the workplace and at a population level Describe the […]

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White Papers & Research

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The Affordable Care Act: Discouraging or Promoting Wellness?

Employee wellness programs have arguably been around for 15 or 20 years. However, in the past five years these programs, which seek to promote a healthy lifestyle, maintain or improve health and/or prevent the onset of disease, have come increasingly more prominent in the American workforce.

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Invest in Prevention Science

Investing in prevention science should be a national strategic priority to ensure evidence-based interventions to improve health at the population level and ensure sustainable career paths in prevention research.

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