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Watch the webinar on how “Health Promotion Makes Business Sense”

PRESENTERS: Ray Fabius and Ellen Exum

Join Vitality for the Effective Prevention: A Business Imperative webinar series. The research from the Vitality Institute is in: $1 spent on health promotion and disease prevention equals a $3.27 decrease in medical costs. The Vitality Institute predicts the United States could save $217 – $303 billion annually if employers adopt strategies that promote health. What you’ll […]

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Watch the webinar on “The Critical Role of the Workplace in Tackling NCDs in the United States”

PRESENTERS: Derek Yach and Katherine Tryon

The Vitality Institute is continuing the discussion on the importance of health promotion in the United States with the Effective Prevention: A Business Imperative webinar series. Throughout the year, key thought leaders and experts from diverse disciplines are presenting fresh, creative and insightful ways to reduce the preventable risks for chronic disease in America’s workforce. The next […]

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The Affordable Care Act: Discouraging or Promoting Wellness?

Employee wellness programs have arguably been around for 15 or 20 years. However, in the past five years these programs, which seek to promote a healthy lifestyle, maintain or improve health and/or prevent the onset of disease, have come increasingly more prominent in the American workforce.

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