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Vitality: an innovative solution

Designed by a leading global insurer, Vitality is an internationally recognized health promotion program based on behavioral, actuarial and clinical principles.

I personally love Vitality! Before implementing Vitality, conversations in our organization regarding personal wellness were rare. Today, it is normal for Vitality and wellness to be discussed at a gathering with a group of co-workers.
- Jill Radding Manager, Benefits & Compensation, Rex Healthcare

Vitality encourages individuals to commit to long-term healthy changes in how they live, work, exercise and eat. It uses multiple engagement activities, access to wellness partners and Intelligent Incentives that motivate ongoing improvements in health.

John Hancock Enters Exclusive Partnership with Vitality

A whole new approach to life insurance that rewards people for healthy living is being introduced for the first time.


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Better health, lower costs? That's what Vitality delivers.

Does your company want healthier, happier employees and a better company health plan bottom line? The Vitality wellness program is built to continuously inspire, motivate, and reward employees to live their healthiest life.  Vitality members come to know about their current health status, then get going with activities that improve health and lifestyle behaviors and unlock a series of positive rewards.  Learn more about the Vitality approach to positive, measurable and lasting change…


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Employers with Vitality and their employees have made great progress in their wellness initiatives. It is our hope that their experiences will inform and inspire everyone who reads about them.
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Vitality gives employers the information and tools they need to educate, assist and motivate employees.

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